Mexicanos en TU Delft
A word of advice

A few days ago we (the Mexican community) were asked to give an advice for the new students of TU Delft. The first thing that popped up to my mind was to give some of the well known advices about food, bicycles, discounts and all those things that make life easier but not necessarily better. However, I will try to talk in general about the useful and comforting experiences I had when I came to this particular flat land.

 I strongly recommend you to learn at least the basics of the local language. You will notice Dutch language is not necessary to manage all your business and daily life. Everybody speaks at least a little bit of English, from the tailor to the professor. In the Netherlands english is very popular and common. But, if you are keen enough you will notice that talking all the time in English will keep you, somehow, orbiting around the Dutch society. Thus learn the dutch basics and practice every time you can; you will get several nice moments and it will help you to understand better your new home.

 Learn or refine some of your hometown culinary skills. Between internationals students, it’s quite common to eat together and enjoy homemade dinners as a bonding activity. At the beginning everyone is still having problems to communicate ideas, but fortunately your own food can tell more about you than yourself. From the sweet taste of rice to the spicy curry smell, all cultures blend while eating. Get to know you own background and share your skills with your new friends

 Study in groups. TU Delft proves to be a very demanding university, quite rewarding but challenging. And although you have the required skills it’s known that two minds together can come up with better solutions. Challenge you a little bit more and make friends not only for partying but for studying. Share with your friends your doubts, what you like and dislike about your courses, express your observations about your lectures. I am convinced that your exam periods, assignments, and your student life in general, will become easier and you will get better results.

 Talk straight forward. While lost in a conversation between different nationalities, it may be common to find difficulties to express your opinion. I strongly advise you to talk straight forward. It may not be your custom, or it may surprise your interlocutor. However, you will avoid miss understandings and it will help you to clarify ideas and points of view. Don’t be afraid and just tell it.

 Get a Hobby. While you are getting adjusted to your knew life you might be very busy, but once you are finally settled down, life will get somehow very peaceful. It is well known that this situation may lead to home sickness. So don’t slow down; keep finding new activities and getting to know new people. There is a great offer of alternative activities, pick one and stick to it. The effects may seem negligible but for sure they will be present during your entire stay in TU Delft.

 Keep the internet under control. Do not overload you cyber-life. I know all your family and friends are away but I’m sure sharing your life through the internet won’t make things easier; especially if you are sacrificing your first days in Delft. Those first days are valuable like gold, your best friends are among all those confused people at the survival activities and last minute trips. Go out and find them.

 These words of advice are what I think, may be missing out there but for sure are good to know. It will help you a lot in you new student life and may give you special memories to remember. Welcome TU Delft….

Marcelo Huet – 2nd year friend

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