Mexicanos en TU Delft
Mexican week at Cultural Center

In September of 2012, we organized a Mexican week in the Cultural Centre of TU Delft.

 First, Marcelo Huet and David Rodriguez organized a Movie Festival with a series of short films and movies that were exhibited in the Cinema Festival organized in Guanajuato Mexico in 2010. We counted with the support of the Mexican embassy for this movie night.

Then we hosted “La Gran Kermés” (Great Kermesse), which was possible thanks to the participation of many Mexicans, a long list to mention them all! This night included typical Mexican food within a tortilla workshop and typical activities of a Mexican Kermesse. We had a marriage/divorce booth, “toques toques” a dare group-game where you hold hands and receive small electrical shocks, the Mexican picture booth, traditional board games, and more traditional Mexican games such as the jail and “atinale al chile”. We had a lot of laughs and fun that night.

Check the pictures here.

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