Mexicanos en TU Delft

Once more we organized the legendary Mexican Independence party with more than 500 people attending!! This was possible thanks to the leadership of Adonis Reyes, Tania Vazquez, Antonio Mota, Margarita Mendez, Alejandro Luna, Jessica Bautista, Antonio Jarquin and Erika Duran, alongside with the collaboration of many Mexican friends who made possible this incredible night.

Apart from having tons of fun we donate part of the income to help a fellow Mexican whose little baby was in the hospital at the time.

Here are some of the pictures!

And you can find the facebook event here.


From  september 26 to october 2nd. TUDelft visited Mexico City and Monterrey for the postgraduate fair Europosgrados. Thanks to some alumni living in Mexico and active members of our society the marketing office of TUDelft had a very succesful trip. It included a couple of talks in the Faculties of Architecture and Engineering of the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and a dinner with alumni in a very nice restaurant in the historical center of Mexico City, follow by some drinks in the Garibaldi square. Special thanks to Diego Alatorre, Hugo Cruz, Miguel Melgarejo, Agustín Ortega and Adonis Reyes for their enthusiasm.

Check the pictures here!

As a tradition we participate in the welcome event for new students. We organize a booth to meet the new Mexican students, share some tips and taste some delicious food. Our friend from Industrias Creativas of the red de talentos mexicanos (creative industries of the Mexican talent network) and Mexi-kans were with us to give some information to our new friends.

A big thanks goes to our friend Luis Alfonso Gonzalez for the amazing pictures.

Check the pictures here!


Our ambassador of TUDelft in Mexico is doing a great job. Check this video of the reunion of alumni with prospective students who will arrive next summer in Delft. Well done Diego!


Nuestro embajador de TUDelft en Mexico esta haciendo un excelente trabajo. Para muestra este video de la reunion de ex-alumnos con alumnos que vienen a Delft el proximo verano. Bien hecho Diego!



In September 2013, we had the opportunity to meet Salvador Aguirre, the first Mexican who came to TU Delft 50 years ago. This event was organized by the Hydraulics department of Civil Engineering in TU Delft, Nuffic Neso Mexico and a committee of Mexicanos en TU Delft composed by Antonio Jarquin, Jorge Maxil, Jose Pacheco and Diego Alatorre. This committee with other members of the community joined a lunch and got the chance to meet MSc. Salvador Aguirre in person.

In September of 2013, a group of Mexicans of the community leaded by Diego Alatorre and David Calvillo organized the by now legendary Mexican night under the brand name “Mexican indepenDANCE night”. This was an unforgettable night at De Tobbe bar, near the central station of Delft, with lots of dancing, beers and tequila to welcome the new students. It was such a success that we broke our own records of assistance, with around 500 souls dancing Latin rhythms and enjoying the night.

For the third year, in September 2013, we joined the welcoming event organized by the TU Delft. A group of members of the Mexican the community organized and decorated the Mexican stand, we offered awesome Mexican food and enjoyed a lot getting to know the new students.

In September of 2012, we organized a Mexican week in the Cultural Centre of TU Delft.

 First, Marcelo Huet and David Rodriguez organized a Movie Festival with a series of short films and movies that were exhibited in the Cinema Festival organized in Guanajuato Mexico in 2010. We counted with the support of the Mexican embassy for this movie night.

Then we hosted “La Gran Kermés” (Great Kermesse), which was possible thanks to the participation of many Mexicans, a long list to mention them all! This night included typical Mexican food within a tortilla workshop and typical activities of a Mexican Kermesse. We had a marriage/divorce booth, “toques toques” a dare group-game where you hold hands and receive small electrical shocks, the Mexican picture booth, traditional board games, and more traditional Mexican games such as the jail and “atinale al chile”. We had a lot of laughs and fun that night.

Check the pictures here.

In August of 2012, we joined again the welcoming event for new students of the TU Delft. This time, we organized a Mexican booth and a performance of music was held. We gave “tacos” to the new students and organized a presentation given by Dalya Salinas, the cultural attaché of the Mexican embassy in the Netherlands.

In May 2012, another great Mexican night-party was organized by Hugo Cueto. It was a great success with a lot of great music, a lot of dancing and drinks, we enjoyed a lot that night!

Check the pictures here.