Mexicanos en TU Delft

In December 2011 Alondra Torres, Ileana Hernandez, Hugo Cueto, and Adonis Reyes, along with the community, organized a Mexican Christmas traditional night as part of the cultural nights in TU Delft. A group of enthusiast Mexicans played a Pastorela, which is a theater play very ad-hoc for the Christmas season. At that night, we also taught the international students of  how to make “piñatas” and how to break them ;) … we had lots of fun and very good times!

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In September 2011, the second Mexican night was organized in the Flora Theather by Alondra Torres along with the committee of events. During that night everybody enjoyed great music, a lot of dancing and we all celebrated the Mexican independence with the traditional “Grito de Independencia”.

We joined the welcoming event in August 2011, organized by TU Delft, as part of the International Week that welcomes the new international students coming to this University. Our association gave a warm welcome to the new students with some Mexican food and great Mexican music, where Alberto Nol (singer), David Calvillo (guitar), Hugo Cueto (guitar) and Mar Palmeros (guitar) performed with amazing Mexican songs.

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 In 2010, Zeus Zamora organized our community to realize the first cultural event from our community to the general public at the university’s premises.  This was the first Mexican night at the TU Delft and it was an incredible success, gathering about 250 visitors. The night included folkloric dances from México, such as Aztec dances, “quebradita”, Tapatio dance, the dance of the elderly, Mexican music in a “serenata” and what became a great success and a surprise for the international community in TU Delft: wrestling. You can check videos and photo recordings in the links below. Videos Viva Mexico 2010! Pictures Viva Mexico 2010!