Mexicanos en TU Delft
Tips And Tricks


General advices

Now let’s get to the food advices. Nevertheless, as you will notice, it will be difficult to find real Mexican ingredients or food. In Delft there are stores (better known as Turkish shops) where you can find oriental food and some products that are difficult to find in normal super markets, like Mexican-like beans, chilies and even evaporated milk. The shops are located in Papsouwselaan.

When you buy milk check out that there are several types. There are not only whole and skimmed milk (volle/halv) but also karnemelk which is sourmilk (from Wikipedia: the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cream. It also refers to a range of fermented milk drinks, common in warm climates).

Aldi offers really cheap prices but quality is not the best. Jumbo is usually cheaper than Albert Heijn (with some exceptions).

Fruit and vegetables. In the local supermarkets they are usually expensive and its quality is bad compared to what we are used to, it is better to buy these things on the open market (thursdays and saturdays) you can get better quality and cheaper prices. Turkish shops are also another good option if you have one near.

You may find organic food in the city center near to ‘de Ruif’. Of course it is more expensive but if you are in a green mood it is up to you to pay a little extra :P

ADVISE: Try to cook at home and bring it to school, there are usually microwaves available. Not all faculties have cafeterias, and they are usually quite expensive. The largest one is Aula, but there is also a relatively large one in Architecture building.

Tired of cooking?

If you arrive late home after a very busy day and you do not have nothing to eat, you can order food at You can pay by debit/credit card or cash. Their app is quite useful.

Rarely restaurants are open after 9:30 pm. But you may be starving after 10 pm; some kebab shops are open as late as 3 am in the morning especially at the city center. (Doner king, Alev, Coby’s, etc..)

If you get fed up with the bad machine coffee from the university, good coffee can be bought at: Civil Engineering first floor, Computer Science ground floor or in Aula, among other places.


General Practitioner for Students

Obviously we hope you never need to go to a doctor in the Netherlands, because only in extreme cases they will pay attention to you.
When sick or injured, try to rest and take care by yourselves (or ask for help to other mexicans or a beautiful/handsome Dutch).
Only when it looks really bad make use of your ISP.

You can find a General Practitioner near the campus (Leeghwaterstraat 152). You can go without appointment from Monday till Friday ( 11.00-11.45 am) or you can make an appoinment by internet or calling directly. If you bring you basic insurance police the consultation is for free.



Do you rent with DUWO? Bring with you the “emergency” phone or contact (just in case you leave the key inside your home!)

Looking for a new place

 If you are looking for a new place you should check these groups in Facebook; made by students for students:

Interesting Places

Museums and MuseumCard

Do you like museums? Buy the MuseumCard; it costs about 40 euros and you can get into most of them. It is very useful when your friends come to visit and everyone wants to go to the Van Gogh museum! Enter as many times as you tourists with your friends without paying the entrance.
More info:


One of interesting things the Netherlands is the artistic and great interior design of the Public Libraries. Here in Delft, the Public Library is “DOK” a library concept center located in
Vesteplein 100 right in the city center in front of the cinema Pathé.

Amsterdam Public Library is also nice, at the top of the building there’s a restaurant with medium prices and an amazing panoramic view of the city.

Party time!!

Faculty bars

Yeah, not everything is studying!

Some faculties have a bar that is open one day of the week. These bars are cheaper because the people working there are volunteering. It is a good way to break the ice with classmates after the school day is finished; they usually open from around 4 to 7pm. Also, it is a good idea to volunteer for working there; you can meet in this way a lot of people from your faculty in this way

Phone Calling

Mobile Phone

As soon as you arrive, one option is to buy a pre-paid SIM card for your cell phone (at least for the first weeks). Once you have a Dutch bank account you’ll be able to get a post-paid contract, which is a cheaper option. If you bring a phone from home you need to unlock it in order to use it with any SIM card. Here is a place where you can get it done.


For pre-paid SIM cards, Lebara is a good option, because you get the double credit of what you pay. Moreover, their rates per minute to international phones are not bad. Another good company is “Hi”, a branch from KPN that targets younger people. They offer some interesting options like an internet package for €7.50  per month. The catch? It offers very low speeds (128 kbps), but that’s good enough for chatting (whatsapp, viber, etc).


You can get a contract in a place in the center of Delft called “Phone House”; there you can check the prices offered with all the phone operators, so you don’t have to go one by one.  The location is shown in this map, although, if you want to search for more options, most of the phone stores are in the same street.

There’s another way to have a cheap contract to call your friends! Buy an online contract is a useful option. For example there is a plan with 250 min/msg for around 7 euros per month. More info check:

The page is in Dutch but Google translator would help you a lot!

ADVISE: Do NOT call from public phones! It’s really expensive


Shopping Online

Knowing where to buy things in Holland is very important. For instance, many things are cheaper when bought online. is a great place to get second hand things for free or cheap, like bikes and furniture.

Simple electronics, like adapters for your computer are much cheaper if you buy them on Ebay.

There is also a dutch website ( where you compare prices of electronics for different online stores and order directly. It’s a really good option to find the best price online.

Another great option is to go to second-hand shops (kringloopwinkel).

Shops in Delft are usually closed on Sundays, except for the first Sunday of each month.

Almost all the stores at Delft close at 6:00pm! On Fridays the closing hour for some shops is extended until 9:00 pm

Get raincoats for 10 euros at HEMA. The best deal we have found.

Decoration and useful stuff for your new home

In Delft Blokker is quite cheap, although the quality sometimes is not so good. If you have more time you can check out Action in Den Haag, which is usually cheaper. It’s is quite close to DenHaag HS (Laakweg 126d) and you can even go by bike, it’ll take you no more than 20 minutes.

There are also second hand shops. In Delft they’re small shops and they’re not that good for clothes but you can find many other things for your house at a good price. In Dutch they’re called kringloopwinkel. Second-hand shops are with no doubt the best deal, however you can also find announcements on your building. People leaving the country that want to get rid off of stuff sell things at really low prices… also you can get quite nice things at the flea market on queen’s day

Delft kringloopwinkel is well organized, there is one in the centrum and one in Rotterdamweg, if you buy furniture they bring it to your house for 20euros.

Flingstones is kinda messy but it is right in the center and last time I checked the delivery was for free.

It is always useful to check IKEA, there you can find things of all prices, but of course you gotta check out the quality of the cheap stuff. For transport of furniture or heavy stuff they rent a double-bike that has a wagon on the back, it costs 10 euros/hr.

HEMA is also a good for household items.

This website is also very good for buying second hand:



The police sell bikes without owners; their prices are fair.

Always with double lock, try to lock it to a lamp or a post (or something that cannot be moved).

Public Transport

There are two very useful websites for schedules and routes: For the schedule of all trains in the Netherlands For buses and trams

If you are planning to travel by train often a useful thing to buy for € 50 per year is a subscription called “Dal Voordeel abonnement” ; with this subscription you (and 3 more people) can travel by NS train with a 40% of discount (specific hours apply). You can buy it at the NS Service Desk in the Delft central station. The people at the service desk are going to ask for a valid ID, a photograph size passport, your Dutch bank account number and your address. You can found more information on:

The subscription to the “Dal Voordeel abonnement” includes the OV-Chipkaart; you can use the same card to travel by train, tram or bus. Remember to check in and check out always, it’s super important(even if you’re just going to switch trams), if you forget to do so you will need to pay a fine of 40 euros!

University Facilities

Software and VPN

In Blackboard/MyStudentInfo/StudentResources/TUDelftSoftware you can find software legally available to download and install on your PC. For instance if you want to have available the files of your home folder of TUDelft directly into your home PC. Install the software called Webdrive available in Blackboard: Blackboard/MyStudentInfo/StudentResources/TUDelftSoftware

If you don’t live in DUWO houses and need to connect to the TUDelft internal network, you can use
the VPN available for all students with a NetID. Install a VPN Client software available at:


Check the weather online

You should never rely on your guts about the weather in Delft (or in NL). Always check (smartphone app also available) before leaving!

Working and Money


If you need money, you can try to be a student assistant. Good money for a reasonable amount of work/time. Sometimes related with your studies.


Some glass bottles (beer) and plastic bottles (coke, water and others) are recyclable. If you deposit all these bottles at the special machines that you may find in the supermarket you will get some money back.