Mexicanos en TU Delft
Decoration and useful stuff for your new home

In Delft Blokker is quite cheap, although the quality sometimes is not so good. If you have more time you can check out Action in Den Haag, which is usually cheaper. It’s is quite close to DenHaag HS (Laakweg 126d) and you can even go by bike, it’ll take you no more than 20 minutes.

There are also second hand shops. In Delft they’re small shops and they’re not that good for clothes but you can find many other things for your house at a good price. In Dutch they’re called kringloopwinkel. Second-hand shops are with no doubt the best deal, however you can also find announcements on your building. People leaving the country that want to get rid off of stuff sell things at really low prices… also you can get quite nice things at the flea market on queen’s day

Delft kringloopwinkel is well organized, there is one in the centrum and one in Rotterdamweg, if you buy furniture they bring it to your house for 20euros.

Flingstones is kinda messy but it is right in the center and last time I checked the delivery was for free.

It is always useful to check IKEA, there you can find things of all prices, but of course you gotta check out the quality of the cheap stuff. For transport of furniture or heavy stuff they rent a double-bike that has a wagon on the back, it costs 10 euros/hr.

HEMA is also a good for household items.

This website is also very good for buying second hand:

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