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Mobile Phone

As soon as you arrive, one option is to buy a pre-paid SIM card for your cell phone (at least for the first weeks). Once you have a Dutch bank account you’ll be able to get a post-paid contract, which is a cheaper option. If you bring a phone from home you need to unlock it in order to use it with any SIM card. Here is a place where you can get it done.


For pre-paid SIM cards, Lebara is a good option, because you get the double credit of what you pay. Moreover, their rates per minute to international phones are not bad. Another good company is “Hi”, a branch from KPN that targets younger people. They offer some interesting options like an internet package for €7.50  per month. The catch? It offers very low speeds (128 kbps), but that’s good enough for chatting (whatsapp, viber, etc).


You can get a contract in a place in the center of Delft called “Phone House”; there you can check the prices offered with all the phone operators, so you don’t have to go one by one.  The location is shown in this map, although, if you want to search for more options, most of the phone stores are in the same street.

There’s another way to have a cheap contract to call your friends! Buy an online contract is a useful option. For example there is a plan with 250 min/msg for around 7 euros per month. More info check:

The page is in Dutch but Google translator would help you a lot!

ADVISE: Do NOT call from public phones! It’s really expensive

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