Mexicanos en TU Delft
Public Transport

There are two very useful websites for schedules and routes: For the schedule of all trains in the Netherlands For buses and trams

If you are planning to travel by train often a useful thing to buy for € 50 per year is a subscription called “Dal Voordeel abonnement” ; with this subscription you (and 3 more people) can travel by NS train with a 40% of discount (specific hours apply). You can buy it at the NS Service Desk in the Delft central station. The people at the service desk are going to ask for a valid ID, a photograph size passport, your Dutch bank account number and your address. You can found more information on:

The subscription to the “Dal Voordeel abonnement” includes the OV-Chipkaart; you can use the same card to travel by train, tram or bus. Remember to check in and check out always, it’s super important(even if you’re just going to switch trams), if you forget to do so you will need to pay a fine of 40 euros!

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