Mexicanos en TU Delft
Shopping Online

Knowing where to buy things in Holland is very important. For instance, many things are cheaper when bought online. is a great place to get second hand things for free or cheap, like bikes and furniture.

Simple electronics, like adapters for your computer are much cheaper if you buy them on Ebay.

There is also a dutch website ( where you compare prices of electronics for different online stores and order directly. It’s a really good option to find the best price online.

Another great option is to go to second-hand shops (kringloopwinkel).

Shops in Delft are usually closed on Sundays, except for the first Sunday of each month.

Almost all the stores at Delft close at 6:00pm! On Fridays the closing hour for some shops is extended until 9:00 pm

Get raincoats for 10 euros at HEMA. The best deal we have found.

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