Mexicanos en TU Delft
Who we are

We are a young student association founded by Mexican students of TU Delft. Our goal is to participate in projects aimed to have a positive impact in Mexico. We are also interested in providing help and support to the Mexican student community living in Delft, the Netherlands.


Short Term Goals

  • Build a contact network of mexican students and graduates from TUDelft.
  • Provide intelectual benefit to the members of the association through workshops and coloquiums.
  • Gather and distribute useful information which contributes to the integration of the mexican community in TUDelft.


Medium Term Goals

  • Identify regional needs in Mexico.
  • Create a contact network of TUDelft alumni.
  • Evaluate projects that can be realized in Mexico based on our strengths and possibilities.
  • Once the projects are selected start the implementation.
  • Evaluate the results of the implemented projects once are finished.

Long Term Goals

  • Create a contact network of mexicans in TUDelft.
  • Generate projects that impact Mexico.