Mexicanos en TU Delft

Our young student association has lived several processes and has accomplished many successes. This lines are just a summary of the most important events of our history, the complete list of events, projects and members can be found in the sections What we do and Members. Enjoy reading about our past and discover the future of Mexicanos en TUDelft!

For over 50 years Mexican students have come to TU Delft to increase their knowledge and opportunities. Some of them have stayed for years, others have moved to different countries or have gone back home. Multiple generations have passed during this period. Our community has been dynamic, growing and reducing every year. However, since 2007, somehow it has grown steadily, from just a few Mexicans until several tens in the present. By the end of 2007, Gustavo Alva (a Management of Technology student) decided to start an emailing list for our small community and created the first logo.

first logo

In 2010 with the 200th year anniversary of the Mexican independence and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution the Mexican community decided to organized the first cultural event at the university’s premises, this was our first Mexican night. This was possible thanks to the energetic leadership of Zeus Zamora and the enthusiasm of our founders.  It was an incredible success, gathering about 250 visitors. The night included folkloric dances from México, such as Aztec dances, “quebradita”, jarabe tapatio, the dance of the elderly, Mexican music in a “serenata” and what became a great success and a surprise for the international community in TU Delft: wrestling. You can check out the videos of this great event here.

© Ioana Bour

© Ioana Bour

In summer of 2011, under the headship of Omar Jimenez the Mexican community  in TU Delft finally decided to officially register as a student association at the University, “Mexicanos in TU Delft” was born. The first board was divided in four sections: events, projects, media, and networking, their work gave some really important results for the future of our society, among them were the creation of our current and super cool logo by Manuel Felix, who won our open contest; the launch of our first website, the publication of the first survival guide for new students, the organization of the first census of the Mexicans in TUDelft and the presentation of a “pastorela” as part of the second Mexican night in the Cultural Center of TUDelft.


In September 2012, the second board took office with Hugo Cueto as president. During this year a Mexican week was organized in the Cultural Center, it included a Mexican movie night, a tortilla workshop and the cultural night “La Gran Kermés” (Great Kermesse) where we teach some traditional games to our international friends. In collaboration with the Mexican Network of Talents (Red de Talentos Mexicanos) we started the project “eNLace MX”, which has become a professional and academic platform that aims to  facilitate  the cultural and technologic exchange between Mexico and the Netherlands. In winter of that year Miguel Melgarejo started the re-design of our awesome website.


In view of the limited time Mexican students have to finish their studies in 2013 the association was re-organized. We changed our internal structure substituting the president position for a general coordinator with more freedom, because of his enthusiasm and dedication David Calvillo became our first general coordinator. During this new era we have encouraged our members to suggest and lead projects and activities, in this context Diego Alatorre became the first TUDelft ambassador for Mexico and the first meeting between alumni and future students took place in Mexico City, a short video is available here. In the same year we had the visit of MSc. Salvador Aguirre, he was one of the first Mexicans who studied in TU Delft 50 years ago and he is currently the head of the Hydraulics Research Laboratory of the  Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) of Mexico, this event was co-organized with the Hydraulics department of Civil Engineering of TU Delft and Nuffic Neso Mexico who prepare an extensive interview.

© Luis Alfonso Gonzalez Godinez

At the beginning of the academic year 2014 our society suffered the lack of fresh energy and ideas, to reactivate the society Adonis Reyes had the initiative to re-launch our Facebook page and Facebook group. In just a couple of months Mexicanos en TUDelft was up and running again with the collaboration of many new students. In this short period we participated in the visit of the marketing office of TUDelft to the Europosgrados fair in Mexico City and Monterrey, we organized an alumni dinner in Mexico City and we hosted the by now legendary Mexican Independence party with more than 500 attendees.

© Ina Dijstelbloem

Right now our members are actively organizing more fun activities. Join us! We strongly believe that the Mexicanos en TU Delft community can create many opportunities that will lead to the development, promotion and boost of projects with a positive impact in Mexico. Mexican students are the soul of our society!